Tune Radio is an online CHR radio station aimed at playing hit music to a younger audience. With a wide audience from different backgrounds, cultures and ages, our music is aimed at our audience and their likes. We are constantly on the lookout for new voices and talents to join our passionate team of individuals. 

You will broadcast on Tune to a large listener range for no more than 3 hours (unless show requires more hours). This could be a weekly show Monday to Friday. Or a weekend show. You will have the opportunity to show off your skills and speak to new audiences while interacting and meet people who are also passionate in radio. 

We use Playout Software and require you to voicetrack your shows, so you could record your show before hand before it hits the airwaves. Some experience with Playout Software is ideal, however, if not we have a training team on hand.

Interested? We're glad to have you on board. Apply using the application below and we hope to see you on the team soon.